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Published: 30th March 2011
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An expert Vegetarian catering company can offer authentic Vegetarian cuisine unparalleled by a majority of western catering services; as well as a notable number of Asian caterers. Within the Vegetarian Catering industry there are numerous caterers available. Even so, it is experience, knowledge and above all reputation that defines whether they are considered 'expert'. For traditional and authentic functions it is advantageous to contract expert Vegetarian catering services. Caterers who employ expert Vegetarian Chefs are highly proficient with regards to providing authentic Veg menus which can cater for even the strictest vegetarian diet - accommodating both Hindu and Jain religious and social obligations: As well as providing traditional methods of service.
Vegetarian is home to Hindu saints of all castes and many Hindu religious traditions have stemmed from or were cultivated here; India's most western state. A traditional Vegetarian wedding is a highly auspicious occasion that dates back thousands of years - It involves several ceremonies: Prayers, invocations and vows recited in Sanskrit; the most ancient language to survive in India today. Therefore, the planning involved for a traditional wedding can be incredibly time consuming: Which is why more and more modern couples will require a professional Vegetarian catering company; to deal with the logistics and preparation of the wedding feast: Hiring dedicated Vegetarian catering services to organize the decor, catering and waiting services; thus avoiding a substantial amount of stress for them, their families and their guests.
Krishna Caterers is largely vegetarian and a meal - Thali - incorporates a selection of dishes which are traditionally served on a silver tray - although today many Gujarati catering companies will serve the Thali on a steel tray. Typical dishes include Roti, Dahl, Rice, Curry, Sabzi (stir fried spicy or sweet seasonal vegetables), Chutneys and Pickles. Sweets, almonds and pistachios would also be traditionally served at a Gujarati wedding. While simple and uncomplicated Krishna Caterers can be diverse with regards to flavour and spice; usually depending on personal preference which generally relates to which region of Vegetarian the families are from.
Each region of the Vegetarian has their own balance of sweet, salty, and spicy: This combination of salty and sweet being a unique quality within Gujarati cuisine. Modern Vegetarian catering companies have witnessed an increase in fondness for very spicy and fried dishes; and many chefs are now creating exciting new fusions by combining western and Krishna Caterers. So speak to the catering company directly, making your preferences and requirements clear from the start. That is the only way to ensure you contract the right caterers for your own wedding or function.

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